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Vicenza is an Italian city found in the Veneto region. It is renowned for its beautifully elegant buildings, as well as the vast amount of things to see and do – it is a place brimming with culture.

But if you’re planning on holidaying in Vicenza, then you should consider getting coach hire. A coach hire Vicenza will help you to see more of the sights, explore more of the country, and stay more comfortable as you do!

Why Coach Hire

So why consider coach hire in Vicenza or a bus charter in Vicenza for that matter? There are many good reasons, but here are just a few of the most compelling.

It’s Reliable

When you use to book your coach hire in Vicenza, you’ll be using a company that only works with the very best service providers and that has helped countless other tourists and businesses to make the very most of their trips. You can rest assured that the coach will always meet you at the agreed meeting point, at the allotted time. No exceptions, and no standing around wondering where your transport is (or how you’re going to get home).

This is certainly more reliable than booking a random taxi, or than trying to get the train!

It’s Affordable

While you might understandably assume that to hire a large coach rather than a small taxi would be more expensive, the truth is actually the exact opposite. In most cases, hiring a coach is more affordable, simply because you’re able to split the costs between the number of passengers. This is true to an extent when it comes to taxis of course, until you have more than four people – or any large amount of luggage.


Which also illustrates another point about getting a coach hire in Vicenza: it simply gives you that much more versatility. By hiring a coach, you are hiring a lot more space in order to kick your feet up and store your shopping. Moreover, you’ll be able to swap seats and chat with friends, or plug in a laptop and conduct some business. People choose to hire a bus in Vicenza for a huge range of purposes, whether for a stag or hen party, or whether for business. And this is the reason why!

Comfort and Low-Stress

Perhaps the biggest reason to use coach hire in Vicenza, is that it allows you to really make the most of your trip. Let’s not beat around the bush: queueing for a train in the blistering heat can be absolutely soul crushing – worse when it then doesn’t show up!

And the same goes for getting a taxi anywhere and watching the meter tick up. Or how about driving yourself and getting shouted at by busy Italian drivers?

Instead, why not sit back and relax on reclining seats, in an air conditioned vehicle. You can listen to music, talk with friends, get some shuteye… or just watch the beautiful views of Vicenza pass by the window. See anything particularly amazing and you’ll only have to ask your driver for a photo stop!

Why Choose

So that’s why you should get a bus in Vicenza, but the next question is why you should ask us to do it for you! And the answer is that we offer the very best bus charter in Vicenza – period.

We do not own busses and coaches ourselves. Rather, our role in this is to help connect you with the best providers out there so that you don’t need to worry about going through the stressful process of finding and vetting them yourself. We work with a large network of only the very best coach and bus in Vicenza companies, and each lives up to our exacting standard.

We can also help you to get your travel at a fantastic rate that will help you to save money and time.

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Our Coaches

When you hire a coach through, you can rest assured that you will be riding in style. We only work with the very top providers, and that means you’ll be riding with only the very best vehicles. Here are just a few of the things we offer:

Luxurious Interiors

The coaches that we provide are some of the most attractive, plush, and enjoyable in Vicenza. This makes a huge difference to your holiday. It means that when you’ve just finished trawling through markets or trekking through scenic wilderness, you’ll be able to climb onto a coach that feels comfortable and modern. It’s like an embracing hug after a long day, or a cool refreshing glass of water!

Other than the modern appearance, what you’ll find is so appealing about these coaches is just how spacious they are. You’ll have tons of leg room to stretch out, and plenty of storage for bags. This is a far cry from the crowded public transport or small taxis you might otherwise be dealing with.


Partly the thing that makes these coaches so enjoyable to ride is the selection of modern facilities. There’s lots here to enjoy, ranging from the cooling air con (which is a Godsend on a hot day), to the WiFi and power points. You’ll be able to fold down a table and get some work done if you’re brought a laptop, or you’ll be able look out the big windows and take a few photos.

There are toilets of course, and there’s entertainment… In short, these are fully-kitted out coaches that let you carry on ‘holidaying’ while you head to your next location.


If you use one of the drivers we provide at, you’ll find that they’re some of the most professional, friendly, and efficient in the business. This means that they’ll always be at the collection point on time, but also that they’ll help get you to your destination quickly – they know all of the back roads!

If you are conducting business, then your driver will give you some privacy. But if you want to learn about Vicenza, they will be happy to share tips and local knowledge. It’s all part of the experience!

About Vicenza

Vicenza is a city in the northeast of Italy. It is filled with beautifully elegant buildings and wonderful examples of architecture, predominantly designed by the 16th century Architect Andrew Palladio. Among the sights here are the Palladian Basillica and the Palazzo Chiericati. The latter has been transformed in modern times to an art gallery, which is more than worth a day out. Meanwhile, the Teatro Olimpico is a classical outdoor theatre in design, but indoors. This is a great place to come and see a play, song, or any other art.

The hilltop Villa La Rotonda meanwhile has four identical facades, while the views are spectacular.

Of course, you’ll also be able to enjoy all the normal perks of any trip to Italy: great food and wine, amazing historical buildings, and the buzz of people going about their business. There’s a warm climate, some stunning scenery, and nearby points of interest that of course a bus in Vicenza will get you to in style.

If you’re ready to ensure you have the best trip possible, get in touch!

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