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Coach Hire in Sorrento

Sorrento is a beautiful coastal town in Italy, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations outside of Rome and Venice. This is an area known for its colourful and vibrant lemon trees, the distant active volcano Vesuvius, the shopping… There’s more to see and do here than you can easily list in one place, so it’s absolutely crucial that you have the best transport to get around! In this post, we’ll see why coach hire Sorrento is the best way to see the area, as well as why is your best choice.

Have the Best Sorrento Experience With Bus Hire

rental coach Sorrento

If you want to see the stunning sights of Sorrento and enjoy drinking in the relaxed way of life and amazing food and drink, then a coach can help you a huge amount.

Sorrento does have a relaxed and laid back charm. Walk down one of the hilly cobbled streets, and you’ll see plenty of people sitting outside of cafes with beer, coffee, or pizza. You’ll notice people taking siestas and shops closing in the afternoon, and you’ll find that everyone you chat to is friendly and happy to help.

But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get around. Sorrento is extremely hilly to be climbing daily, and if you head out during the afternoon, the sun can be overbearing. It can also get extremely crowded.

One thing that many people want to do when visiting Sorrento for example, is to head over to the island of Capri. There, you’ll be able to take the cable carts and enjoy some magnificent views. Or maybe you would rather head to some of the great coffee shops. This is a stunning location and one that is peaceful and spacious… At least outside of peek hours. The rest of the time, it is a tourist trap. And even getting down there in the middle of the day can be hard work. Just walking down to the boats will leave you exhausted! This is why many people actually report that they didn’t enjoy Capri – while it was lovely on paper, it was just too much like hard work to be fully ‘worth the effort’.

But here’s an alternative: board a cool, air conditioned bus in Sorrento from just outside your hotel. Enjoy a good book, or look out the window at the beautiful scenery. The coach hire Sorrento will board a ferry, and that’s how you’ll get across to the island. Here, you can look around as long as you want – away from the crowds at the harbour – and then return home at a time that suits you.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast With Coach Hire Sorrento

Let’s consider some of the other things you might want to do while in Sorrento. Perhaps you want to visit the Amalfi coast for example? This is absolutely something that everyone who comes to Sorrento should experience.

Amalfi itself is a graceful location that is filled with white buildings that shimmer in the sunlight. This is home to some magnificent properties belonging to celebrities and the like – and for good reason.

Head a little higher up and you’ll enjoy driving through mountains and hills, looking at the glistening, cyan ocean down below. Here, you’ll find Positano – which has unbelievable views, as well as a stunning garden. There are some more gems tucked away around here too, such as Ravello and Minori. This is a side of Italy that few see… and it’s absolutely breath-taking.

Getting around here would normally mean going on an organized tour. This would cost you more than is reasonable, and would likely mean making lots of stop-off points that you weren’t keen on. Of course it also means travelling with strangers! Like Positano most of all? Tough – you’ll be told to move on after 40 minutes.

Perhaps you’d rather drive yourself? While that’s certainly an option, it limits the amount of Limoncello you can enjoy while relaxing in front of those incredible views in Ravello, and it can be more than a little hairy going round those narrow corners with the sea so far down below.

By using a bus charter Sorrento, you’ll be able to travel here with ease – the drivers will have no problem navigating those roads, and will know the best way for you to see the most sights in the least time. They’ll do as you ask though, meaning that if you impulsively choose to stay the night in Minori… you can!

You can take photos out the window, stop off whenever you want for photos, and ultimately enjoy these hidden beauty spots at your own pace.

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Vesuvius, Pompei, and More

Then there’s mount Vesuvius! It will loom large during your trip, so it’s paramount you tick it off your list at some point! Of course this is a large, arid mountain in the middle of the blazing sun though, so again – making the most of it means using coach hire Sorrento. That way, you can explore at your leisure and travel home in the cool, without stopping at every single hotel on the way back!

After a day of trekking up the steep and rocky paths, being able to collapse into a cool coach is just what the doctor ordered.

Similarly, you might want to visit Pompeii. This is the historical city that was destroyed by Vesuvius when it erupted – freezing people on the spot by encasing them in solid rock. Actually, if you want to see people frozen to the spot, and the things they ate with and used, the nearby Herculaneum is actually the better day out. In terms of sheer scale though, you can’t beat Pompeii. You really get the sense that this is a full city – and it’s easy to imagine life here.

Once again though, this is a full day, and the last thing you want to do with tired feat and mild sunburn is to queue for a coach and then listening to screaming kids. Travel home in your own cool bubble!

Some people will even decide to make the trip all the way to Rome from Sorrento. We recommend that if you do this, you consider spending the night so that you can truly make the most of the trip. There’s certainly enough in Rome to warrant the journey! But the only way to make this affordable and pleasant, is to hire a bus charter Sorrento.


rental coach Sorrento

If you’re starting to see how a bus in Sorrento can drastically improve your trip and allow you to enjoy all that sun, all that culture, and all that history… then get in touch with and start booking your trip today! We will help you to find the very best coach service in the region, and will save you money, time, and effort in the process.

You’ll be picked up by a cool, spacious, and modern vehicle – and taken to your destination quickly and directly. The drivers are friendly, helpful, and professional, and the facilities include everything you could want from a modern bus in Sorrento.

In short, this is the best way to experience Italy. Get in touch with today, and we’ll start designing your trip!

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