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rental coach Palermo

If you are planning a holiday or business trip to Palermo, then you should definitely consider coach hire in Palermo.

Coach hire is by far the best way to get around and especially for small groups. It is more affordable, more relaxing, and more efficient. And if it’s fast, efficient, comfortable, travel that you’re looking for – then you should look no further than

Keep reading to find out why bus charter and Palermo are a match made in heaven.

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The Benefits of Coach Hire

There are a huge number of benefits to choosing coach hire whether you’re travelling for pleasure or for business.

For one, coach hire in Palermo means that you know where you stand. Using taxis when travelling can put you in a precarious position: you don’t know anything about the company you’re using and there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually be at the meeting point when the time comes. If you’ve never been stood up by a taxi on holiday when trying to get back to your airport… it’s not fun!

Coach hire in Palermo means choosing a form of transport organized by a bigger company and with a lot riding on its reputation. This means you can rest assured that the coach will be right where you agree – and you can hardly miss it!

Of course, another option when travelling is to hire a car and to drive yourself. And we do also offer coach hire in Palermo for those that wish to drive.

But if you’re just on holiday and you’re renting a car, then chances are you’re going to find yourself spending a lot of your time sitting in traffic. Getting hot in queues while dealing with the other drivers on the road – Italy isn’t known for its quiet and retiring drivers!

If you’re on business meanwhile, the time you spend driving is ‘dead time’. You’re not doing anything productive, and nor are you able to relax and unwind.

Public transport is another option too, but this means sharing the space with countless other passengers. You’ll be crammed onto the train with lots of other tourists and locals, while trying to decipher what signs mean as they whizz past your window!

When you use coach hire on the other hand, you get the entire space to yourself to relax and look out the window. You can choose the music, you can choose the heating, and you can stretch yourself out. This really is a great way to travel. Better yet for businesses, it means that you can continue to conduct business: whether that means chatting with a colleague, or whether it means working on a laptop using the folding tables, power points, and free WiFi.

The final reason to choose coach hire in Palermo, or a bus charter in Palermo, is that it means you’ll be able to split the cost between the number of people travelling. If there are five of you on the coach, then you’ll be able to divide the fee by five, and thereby spend very little each. And as an added bonus: you’ll be saving a huge amount of fuel and thereby helping the planet! Going abroad adds enough to your carbon footprint as it is.

Compare this to paying for five individual train tickets, or two cramped taxis, and it becomes extremely obvious that using bus hire or bus charter in Palermo is the most cost effective option.

rental coach Palermo

Why Choose for Your Bus in Palermo?

So now you know why you should use a coach, the next question is why choose

The simple answer, is that we are confident we can connect you to the very best quality bus charter and coach hire in the region. is not a bus charter company itself, but rather acts as a ‘middle man’ to help pair you with the top providers in the region that you’ll be travelling too. We work with a huge network of fantastic quality bus companies and can that way help to find the perfect service provider for your particular set of needs.

All the companies that we work for meet a number of minimal requirements, in order to guarantee that you’ll be totally satisfied with your experience. ONLY those companies that meet our exacting standards are included in our system.

That means that the vast majority of the busses you experience with us will meet the following standards:

  • Air Conditioning: Palermo has a wonderful climate, but this can seem a whole lot less wonderful when you’re stuck on a stuffy coach for hours in traffic. That’s why our coaches are all extremely cool and air conditioned – so you can take a break from your shopping/sight seeing and escape the hot sun.
  • Space: It’s a simple thing, but just having enough space to really enjoy your ride is something that a lot of coaches and busses fail to do. When you travel through, you’ll have ample space to stretch out – even for large groups – and of course to bring your shopping along too.
  • Wi-Fi and Power Points: Most of the coaches we offer come with Wi-Fi, power points, and fold out tables at the backs of the seats. This means you’ll be able to get out a laptop and get some real work done. For businesses, that can be game changing. It’s also great news for families who might like to pass an iPad or other device to their younger kids to keep them busy.
  • Entertainment: Most of our coaches come with some form of entertainment – whether that’s an on-board sound system, television, or something else. This is again a great option for distracting kids while you enjoy the view, but it can also be great for stag and hen parties – the ideal customers for bus charter in Palermo!
  • Toilets: Our coaches offer toilets on board so that you don’t need to sit cross legged the entire way!
  • Drivers: All the companies we work with offer the very best, most friendly and professional drivers. This is what truly makes the difference and sets a great bus charter company apart. Many of our customers say that the drivers helped to really add to their experience by sharing insider tips, while getting to them to their destination quickly. Consummate professionals all of them: these are exactly the people you will want along for the ride.

Things to Do In Palermo

There’s just so much to do in Palermo that it’s hard to know where to start. Palermo is the capital of the island of Sicily: the soccer ball to Italy’s giant boot. It’s a beautiful place with a warm climate and just like the rest of Italy: lots of stunning historical sites.

In particular, you’ll want to visit the ornate 9th century palace-turned-museum: Norman Palace. Then there’s the Massimo Theater which has some world famous acoustics and puts on wonderful shows.

The Cattedrale di Monreale is another beautiful Catholic church to stop by. Then there’s the shopping along the busy Ballaro street market.

There’s such a lot to do in Palermo, so it’s crucial that you get the right transport to enjoy it all. Get in touch with today.

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