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rental coach Cagliari

Coach hire in Cagliari offers the very best way to get around, see the sights, and all the while feeling relaxed and never in a rush to get to your destination. At, we work with the very best coach companies in order to ensure you have an amazing experience every single time. That means you’ll be riding in plush, luxurious coaches, driven by highly friendly, experienced drivers.

Why Bus Charter Cagliari is the Only Way to Travel

While Italy is beautiful, and perfect for relaxing with a red wine or cappuccino, it can also be fast paced and a little intimidating to get around. That’s why using a coach hire makes such a lot of sense. At, we only work with the highest quality drivers. These are drivers who have been highly trained and have many years of experience exploring the area. They are drivers who are keen to share their local knowledge and who are happy to help in any way possible. From helping you get your luggage onto the vehicle, to helping provide tips for places to eat and stay. Many people say that our drivers really added to their trip!

One of the other nicest things about choosing a coach hire Cagliari is that you will be supporting local business. This is something we love to encourage all around the world, as it means that you are giving back to the beautiful, historical locations that you are visiting.

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Who is Bus Charter for?

If you’re looking for a bus in Cagliari, then you may be wondering whether we have anything to offer you and whether we are right for your needs. Who can stand to benefit from coach hire in Cagliari?

The simple answer is: almost anyone. But to be more specific, here are some of the kinds of travellers who enjoy working with us:

  • Travel groups and organized trips
  • Families on holiday – especially groups of families
  • Stag and hen parties
  • Professionals on business trips
  • Singers, entertainers, and other groups
  • Pilgrimages
  • Archaeology digs
  • And much more!

Because you get the coach all to yourself when you use coach hire Caglriari, that means that we really can cater to your ever need. Want to close the windows and get some sleep? That’s fine! Want to crank up the music and have a laugh? That’s good too. And for those looking to get some business done en-route to their trip, it’s always possible to use the on-board WiFi, a fold-out table, and a free power point!

Our Coaches

At, we only work with the very best coach hire companies in Cagliari. That means that by booking through us, you can rest assured that you are getting absolutely top quality service and treatment from the moment you step off the plane.

These services are extremely prompt and reliable. That means you’ll never be left waiting at the airport or collection point, which in turn means that you can make the very most out of your holiday and not waste a single day. This is not only important when it comes to your enjoyment of your trip, but also for your health and safety!

Our coaches are of course also selected for their luxurious interiors and range of features. This is the definition of travelling in style. These aren’t the kinds of busses that you used to travel on during school trips, but rather large, spacious, and fully kitted out spaces.

This is ideal for enjoying your holiday to the fullest. For many, holidays can be almost more tiring than life back home! You might enjoy the sights you visit, but the journeys in between are often filled with pushing, shouting, and hot, small spaces. By travelling by coach hire Caglriari, you’ll be travelling in a vehicle that is reserved only for you – so you can enjoy peace and quiet, or being raucous with friends.

Our vehicles are also air conditioned, which is exactly what you need after a long day of sight seeing. Put it this way, if you’ve just spent the day trampling around a museum, then the last thing you will want is to spend the evening fighting your way onto a train and trying to get home. Instead, why not simply step onto the coach that is waiting for you and then enjoy looking out the window while the sun sets and you get taken back to your hotel?

In fact, this can actually be one of the best ways to experience Cagliari or any part of Italy. When you travel using a coach in the early hours or later hours, you’ll be able to see the space as it is when it’s unpopulated. Quiet and still, and filled with incredibly architecture.

For business trips, this provides the perfect opportunity to get even more work done.

rental coach Cagliari

Our Service

We don’t only pride ourselves on matching you with the very best bus in Cagliari, but also on making the whole experience easy, pleasant, and professional. That means you’ll always be able to contact a member of our team and receive a swift response. It also means that we’ve worked incredibly hard to bring you the very most competitive prices, while finding absolute top-tier services to go along with those.

If you want to make sure your holiday gets off to the very best start, get in touch with us first!

About Cagliari

Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia, one of the well-known Italian islands. Like the rest of Italy, this is the place to visit if you want to enjoy great food and wine, beautiful music, a sunny climate, and lots of historical relics and landmarks.

Cagliari is particularly well known for the Castello. This is a medieval walled quarter that is located on top of a hill overlooking the rest of the town. This makes for quite an interesting photograph and looks imposing and stately in the background against the modern city. Moreover though, it’s also a brilliant tourist spot to visit.

Here, you’ll be treated to many amazing architectural wonders. These include a 13th century cathedral, as well as the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Calgiari, which is situated inside what was once an arsenal. You’ll find many beautiful bronze objects here, along with ancient Roman artefacts and ceramics – some dating back to the Nuragic age and Byzantine era.

Other great things to see include the iconic structure: the Bastione Saint Remy. This is a wonderful place to view events, and if you can get some open-air Italian opera, then you are truly in for a treat. Molentargius Saline Regional is a large city with lots of birds and wetlands and is wonderful to explore.

There are beaches here too, and this being Italy you can expect the water to feel like stepping into a warm bath for much of the year.

Meanwhile you’ll find shopping, great food, music, a thriving nightlife and everything you’ve come to expect from Italy. There are lots of fun activities for groups and parties to, including Segway tours and more eye-opening types of tours.

If you want to make the very most of it though, then you’re going to need to come with the right transport to help you get around.

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